Songs of Life | You Have Got a Friend in Me

Every month I participate in a blog circle with a group of other photographers entitled Songs of Life, where we use a song as inspiration in shooting lifestyle and documentary style photography within our own personal lives. This month’s inspiration for our Songs of Life blog circle was the song “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” by Randy Newman.

This month, I broke the rules a bit. Instead of images that are truly lifestyle or documentary in nature, I am sharing images that are a bit more posed and planned. I have been planning little photography sessions with my daughter and her closest friends, and this month was our first friendship session. We had so much fun at this session, as I captured images of my girl and her best friend from preschool. She doesn’t get to see this particular friend as often as we would like due to busy schedules, so this little photo session was so special to Bella. She misses her friend so much, and getting these girls together for a little photo session was such a blast. It fit this month’s song so perfectly, focused on friendship, so I had to share some of the images from their session.

All these girls had to do was look at each other, and they giggled and laughed.

Best friends reunited.



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