Songs of Life | Forever Young

I am thrilled to be participating in a blog circle entitled Songs of Life with a group of talented photographers whom I am happy to consider friends. For this series, we use a song each month as inspiration to capture everyday moments in our own lives. We will be taking a lifestyle approach to our photography, as we document our own families living our own lives. Lifestyle photography attempts to capture real moments, taking more of a documentary approach rather than posed portraits. I enjoy incorporating lifestyle photography within my client sessions, and I am so excited to participate in this monthly project that focuses on my own family.

This month’s inspiration was the song “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan. If you would like to listen to this wonderful song as you read through the blog circle, click here.

This month, my mom and I took my daughter to Disneyland to celebrate her (finally) reaching 40 inches in height, and therefore a whole new world of rides opening up to her.  We also had Disneyland tickets that were about to expire, so I built a Disneyland trip in the middle of my fall season insanity.  Slightly crazy, but also just what I needed.  I can think of no other place in the world that encompasses the idea of being forever young.  It is my happy place, and taking Bella there and experiencing it through her eyes is even more magical than all of the Disney magic that I have experienced there myself growing up.  And photographing my daughter in the place that makes me feel the magic and happiness that I experienced in my own childhood is pretty much my favorite thing in the whole world.  As you can see by this sampling of images that I have taken over previous years.  😉

I had so many visions of images that I wanted to capture this time.  And… that didn’t happen.  haha   This trip was a bit different from years past.  In previous trips, I have been able to sneak in some time to get pictures of my girl.  This time though, all she wanted to do was run back and forth between Big Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain and Space Mountain.  She even rode Tower of Terror.  I did not get very many pictures this time, but the ones that I captured will forever take me back to this visit, when she chose to leave behind the rides of Fantasyland and move on to the “big girl” rides.  (We did sneak in a couple of old favorites though). It was a bit sad for me as her mama, her not wanting to ride Dumbo or Peter Pan with me.  But at the same time, my ride world has been reopened again!  We had so much fun.  Disney keeps me feeling forever young, and watching my daughter experience the magic of Disneyland brings me a joy that I cannot put into words.  It truly is our happy place, our favorite place to be, and this trip felt like a whole new Disneyland with my girl – introducing her to so many of my own favorite rides.  Just…  magic.

We ran into one of Bella’s best friends in her kindergarten class!  We always seem to run into people here.  haha

Please continue on in the circle to see the talented Lucy Sandeen of Lucy Elayne Photography and how she interpreted this month’s song.

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