Letters to Our Children | Pre-K Bound

I am both honored and excited to be participating in a special blog circle called Letters to Our Children along with several other incredibly talented photographers.  Each month I will write a letter to my lovely daughter, as I attempt to capture her personality and spirit, while documenting this special and fleeting time of her life.  As time seems to perpetually increase in its speed, I strive to find a way to articulate just how much I love her, and to hopefully make time pause, even if just for a few moments, during these moments of reflection on my sweet girl.

Dear Bella,

It’s hard for me to believe how fast this summer has gone.  Although it’s still going to be pretty hot and miserable here for a few more months, your summer vacation is coming to an end.  Next week you’ll be starting pre-K, your next year of preschool.

You are so excited to go back to preschool.  Last year, we started you at preschool for 3 mornings per week.  We ultimately switched you to 4 mornings because you loved it so much.  We considered going to 5 days, but Mama wasn’t ready for that just yet.  This year, you are moving over to the big kid side of the school, where the Pre-K and Kindergartners go.  Time is moving so quickly.  Your first year of preschool went by so fast.  I hope that time slows down just a little bit more this year.  Because I am so not ready for you to go to kindergarten!  But baby steps.  For now, you are still in preschool, and I hope to relish in my last year with my preschooler as much as possible.

This is such a fun age.  You are so curious.  You want to understand everything.  You want to learn how everything works, and why it is that way.  Although I have loved having you home with me everyday again, I am so excited for you to go back to preschool.  You thrive in school.  You love your friends at school – and your bubbly, sweet personality has given you many friends.  You adored your teachers last year, and I have no doubt that you will love your new teachers as well.  You love listening to stories, practicing writing your letters, drawing pictures, and engaging in all of the fun activities that preschool offers.  You are bright, curious, and inquisitive, and you soak up knowledge like a sponge.

It amazes me to look at you now and see how much you’ve learned, and how you’ve grown and changed since you first started preschool one year ago.  I can’t wait to see what this school year will bring.  It will be a fun and exciting year – Pre-K, gymnastics, and dance classes.  You are such a big girl now!

I love you, my darling girl!


Your Mama

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